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ALL-DAY LITE TURMERIC FACE OIL (30ml) – Parama Naturals


Is our ode to the power of Turmeric India’s ancient secret ingredient for skincare. Use and get protective shield from the ravages of the environment.

Almitra Sustainables Bamboo Bristle Toothbrush (Pack of 2)

Ergonomically designed to keep up with your oral hygiene our Bamboo toothbrush is a take on eliminating the use of

Almitra Sustainables Bamboo Toothbrush Charcoal (Pack of 2)

f you are looking for a greener alternative to a Plastic Toothbrush then there’s nothing better than a Bamboo Charcoal

Almitra Sustainables Copper Tongue Cleaner Pack Of 4

Is cleaning your tongue a part of your oral hygiene? If not, let us tell you a bit about the

Almitra Sustainables Kids Toothbrush pack of 2

This kids Bamboo Toothbrush is made from Bamboo which is a sustainable and a healthy alternative for a Plastic Toothbrush.

Almitra Sustainables Loofah Sponge Natural Bathing Scrub (Pack of 3)

Loofah Sponge is derived from the vining plant in the Cucumber and Melon family. Its a natural cleaning scrub which

Almitra Sustainables Neem Comb Pack of 2 (Small & Large)

When it comes to hair, good nourishment and care is vital. So we have got you covered with our Neem

Amayra Naturals Gauri – Pore Cleanser Himalayan Turmeric + Witch Hazel Hydrosol | 100ml


Gauri – Himalayan Haldi + Witch Hazel is a gentle and balancing face toner that helps fight the dirt, grime , makeup and the effect of urban pollution

Amayra Naturals Ghritkumari Face Hydrating Gel – Soothe & Heal | 100gm


A light, hydrating Face Gel designed to moisturize and soothe your skin. This non-greasy blend is absorbed instantly – moisturising, fight Blemishes,

Amayra Naturals Kiara AppleSeedOil, Bhringraj & Soy Intensive Repair Hair Mask| 100gm


Kiara – Our Apple Seed Oil + Hemp Seed Oil + Soy & Corn Protein Intensive Repair Hair Masque

Amayra Naturals Love is in the HAIR Oil -Root, Scalp & Hair Strengthening | 100ml


Love is in the (H)AIR Oil is a Nourishing, Cold-Pressed Hair, Root & Scalp Strengthening Oil.
It is best for regular use, provides nourishment, regula

Amayra Naturals Mridyati – Restorative Face Serum | 30ml


A unique Aroma + Clean plant oil based serum contains

Antioxidants Rich




Apple Oil